Mobile Protection

Atlantic Community Bank uses the most advanced security available on the Internet today. The same level of security used in our branches is also employed in our Internet Banking products. All sensitive information is encrypted and online access requires a Personal ID and a password known only to you. Only valid account-holders should know their Online Banking ID and Online Banking Password.

  • Keep your phone screen password protected 
  • Be careful with your texts and emails – do not send personal information 
  • Passwords should not be saved on your mobile device 
  • Be cautious with social media – do not post your personal information 
  • Use caution when downloading new apps 
  • Log out completely from apps 
  • Avoid opening links and attachments in emails and texts 
  • Notify us if you change your phone number or lose your mobile device 
  • Erase all personal information from your device before trading it in, selling or donating it. 

Want to receive Text Message Alerts?

We now offer debit card activity monitoring via text messages. If a transaction is legitimate, you can simply ignore the message. If the transaction is fraudulent, you can reply to the text alert with the code that you received and your Debit Card will be blocked from further use.

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