Switch Kit

Making the switch to Atlantic Community Bank is easy.  We will help you through the process and make it as painless as possible.  Our switch kit will provide you with all of the necessary documents to move your banking relationships to Atlantic Community Bank.  All of the forms and documents you need are just a click away.  Just click on the form you need and print it out.

Step One:  Complete the following checklist

  1. Open an account with Atlantic Community Bank.
    You can apply for an account online or by visiting the branch nearest you.

  2. Stop using your old account and make sure all checks have cleared on your checking account.

  3. Make certain enough funds are available in your account to cover any automatic payments that may yet need to be withdrawn.

  4. Select the letter(s) you will need to make the switch:

    • Close my account
      This letter will notify your previous bank that you are closing your account.  Please allow a minimum of ten days for any outstanding checks to clear.

    • Switch my automatic withdrawals
      This letter will notify companies to switch the account they are currently drafting for your automatic payments.  These payments may be for local utility companies, day care providers, fitness centers, insurance companies, internet service providers, mortgage companies, etc…

    • Cancel my automatic withdrawal
      You will need this letter to cancel automatic withdrawals for local organizations from your previous bank.  Ex: fitness centers, day care providers, etc…

    • Authorize automatic withdrawal
      If you have relocated to the Bluffton area, you will need this letter to set up new automatic withdrawals for local organizations.  Ex: local utility companies, fitness centers, day care providers, etc…

    • Switch my direct deposit
      You will need a letter to switch the account your direct deposit is currently being credited.  This may include deposits for payroll, social security, interest payments, etc…

    • Set up my direct deposit
      We will provide you with the appropriate form for requesting new direct deposit of your payroll.  For changing social security deposits go to: www.ssa.gov/deposit/howtosign.htm.

      ** Important:  Please be aware that institutions and vendors may require you to use their specific forms.  If you have an institution and /or vendor form, complete the form as directed and either send it to Atlantic Community Bank or mail the completed form to the institution and/or vendor.

  5. Print the letters or forms selected above.  Please complete all of the information and be sure all of the information is accurate.  Once printed please either mail the forms directly to the institution and /or vendors or bring them to your local Atlantic Community Bank office and we will assist you with the process.

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